Personal Credit Ratings

Personal Credit Ratings
Written by Berwick Tax

Missing 3 consecutive credit card payments, paying phone bills 3 months late or trying to make too many credit applications can make you a bad rating.

After three missed payments in a row, you are technically in default and that will be listed on the credit history.

Any of these actions will stay on your official credit history for five years, making it very difficult to secure a loan.

Whenever anyone applies for a credit card or loan, the financial institution will check the applicants’ creditworthiness with a credit organisation.

That will be added to your credit history of any previous inquiries you’ve made for credit cards or loans and any defaults or any judgements.

Consumers should regularly order a copy of their credit file to check its accuracy.

Get in contact with the agencies, then check yourself, particularly if you’re about to go for a home loan.

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