Careful of what you promise

Careful of what you promise
Written by Berwick Tax

Advertising can be a wonderful thing. Marketers go to great lengths to differentiate products and for the consumer to remember a product.

It’s just as well that accountants, lawyers (couple of public company exceptions) or financial services firms don’t make any outlandish claims as they can end up in hot water.

Unilever is about to find out about the penalty for the outlandish claims of its Lynx deodorant.

Lynx is supposed to make every good-looking girl attracted to the man who is wearing the body spray.

However, a man is now suing Unilever because he claims he’s been using Lynx and still hasn’t had a girlfriend for seven years.

Vaibhav Bev is taking the makers of Lynx to court in India, over $100,000 for depression and psychological damage.

What’s the chance we never hear about this case again, because there is an out of court settlement?

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